The first manufacturer of iranian smart shoes

Slide The first smart-shoes with special abilities Shoe internal temperature control system
Air tubeless technology
Create internal magnetism and regulate blood flow
امکانات کفش هوشمند حکیم
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The difference between Hakim smart-shoes and other shoes

Supplying energy from the ground

Powering all the technology utilized inside the shoe through ground energy

Internal magnetism

Regulate blood flow by creating a natural magnet in the sole of the shoe

Air tubeless technology

Injecting compressed air and creating softness and comfort in the sole of the shoe

Temperature control system

Automatically and intelligently adjust the temperature inside the shoe, according to the temperature of the foot and the environment

Hakim smart-shoes worn-out plan

If, subsequent to purchasing and utilizing Hakim smart-shoes, your shoes become worn-out or you desire to use other models of Hakim smart-shoes, you can use worn-out plan.
In this plan, by sending the card and shoes to Hakim Company, the worn shoes’ technology is expelled and transferred to a new item.
Therefore, you do not pay for the technology in the new item

Hakim smart-shoes application

Contact support

Worn-out plan and warranty request

اپلیکیشن کفش هوشمند حکیم
محتویات بسته بندی کفش هوشمند حکیم

The contents of Hakim smart-shoes box


A smart card (to activate the application and warranty)

Educational CD

A piece of fabric (for cleaning shoes)


Hear the experience of walking by Hakim shoes

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