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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the internal Temperature Control System (TCS) of shoes work?

The internal Temperature Control System stores the body and environment temperature for the first time of use and walking, thus, based on the acquired data regulates and provides the balance temperature of the space inside the shoe. The system activates the material inside the tank by propelling an electron from the middle point or the core of the TCS. It is critical that the electronic system utilized in TCS is one of the most progressive sorts of equipment accessible.

Is the space inside the shoe warm in the cold and cold in the heat?

The internal Temperature Control System of the shoe can keep up the internal temperature of it in a balanced way. Hakim Company does not currently claim to heat or cool the space inside the shoe. Since the temperature of various geographical regions and internal heat level of every individual is not quite the same as the other, and on the other hand, as indicated by research and studies, keeping up the temperature adjusted inside the shoe is more charming than maintaining a steady temperature; thus, the internal temperature of Hakim shoes balanced by the abovementioned.

منظور از air tubeless چیست؟

Many shoe companies claim to utilize air tubeless in their products, yet sadly, the claims are baseless. To better comprehend this issue, coming up next is a case of the advancement of vehicle tires, which obviously, utilizing this element in shoes originates from that point. Previously, solid tires were utilized in vehicles. This transmitted a lot of vibration to the vehicle cabin, which made the occupants feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the idea of utilizing compressed air in tires was given. Using this idea eliminated many of the blows from the bottom of the cabin and made the occupants comfortable. By infusing a layer of compressed air into the sole of the shoe, Hakim Collection utilizes the referenced innovation in the entirety of its products and makes the individual experience a special feeling of comfort while walking.

What is the use of an internal magnet inside the shoe?

The soles of the feet play a significant role in regulating blood flow and heart rate due to their blood vessels and sensory receptors. Hakim Smart Collection regulates blood flow and creates a pleasant feeling while walking by using a mesh strip embedded in the sole, and creating an artificial magnetic field in the shoe. It is critical that by regulating blood flow, heart rate, is also regulate ideally, and a combination of these, while making a feeling of freshness for the individual, in case of overweight, bring the individual closer to the ideal weight.

What leather used to cover the shoes?

The leather used to cover Hakim Shoes is 100% natural and unique. This leather is firm and flexible and does not effortlessly tear or get grimy. The leather is also compatible with the technologies utilized inside the shoes and helps them work better.

Where does the energy required for the technologies utilized in shoes come from?

First, a battery was utilized in the production of shoes, which required recharging after the energy stored in it ran out. Due to the issues of this method, long lasting power supply was used. The new source, by absorbing the positive charge from the pulse of the foot and absorbing the negative charge from the ground, distributes the resulting energy among the various parts of the outsole, and thus, the technologies utilized in the shoe start to work. It can be said that the energy expected to launch the technologies of Hakim shoes is provided by walking.

If the shoe is torn, does it include a replacement warranty?

This shoe does not tear or break effortlessly, and in case it is not used for mountaineering, it includes a replacement warranty.

Are the materials used in shoes not harmful to the person?

The materials utilized in the production of Hakim shoes are totally herbal and is approved by iwa1 Europe. The standard was developed by the World Standards Organization in 2007 and intends to guide and control the quality management system in the field of wellbeing services; therefore, Hakim Collection guarantees you that the materials used in Hakim smart shoes are not harmful to the individual and the products pass all quality control tests before being sent to the client