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T5 Hakim smart shoes technology

Temperature Control System (TCS)

This shoe is fitted with a TCS intelligent system that keeps the inside of the shoe at a balanced temperature without the perspiration and odor due to the radiators and hoses inside the shoe insole. The TCS system contains materials associated with negative electrons on Earth that, due to this connection, directly receive energy from the Earth’s surface and activate. When you start walking, TCS takes the energy needed for itself activating from the ground and starts throwing electrons into the capsule and due to the material inside the capsule and the connection with the inside of the shoe, after isolation, it kills all bacteria and, depending on the outside temperature and the body temperature, adjusts the inside temperature to keep the foot at the right temperature.

Air Tubeless

The softness and comfort of the shoe is one of the most important factors in the ease of walking and eliminating abnormal strokes on the waist. If the shoe is soft and comfortable, it ensures the balance and health of the spine and at the same time creates healthy movements for these members. Due to various studies and experiments in this field we have found that no material can adequately convey this softness and comfort to the Shoe soles. So, after going through various steps, we were able to achieve the desired comfort and softness by injecting compressed air indoors and getting a positive result in the experiments. The technology is also used in TUBLESS tires, which give the car and occupants a special feeling while driving. However, if the tire were solid, it would have been less comfortably. In this technology, all blows are captured by the compressed air in tubeless tires and not transmitted upwards. This technology is also available in the HAKIM Smart Shoes, and eliminates all strokes of walking, in addition to the extraordinary softness and comfort. This technology sits between shoe insoles and shoe outsoles. The system is equipped with Nano-anatomy technology known as Nano-medicine which is adjusted automatically according to the shape of the foot (lower and upper); in way matches foot curvature and there is a better connection with the soles of the shoe.

Internal magnet system

By studying the early humans, we find that these people lived barefoot and did all their work barefoot. This has been a major contributor to their long life and they were less likely to experience heart attacks and strokes. After further study, we came to the conclusion that the main reason was the regulation of blood flow and blood pressure. More precisely, when walking barefoot on the ground, the friction created in the soles of the foot causes a magnetic property in this member, and due to the sensitivity of this part (as the second heart), the magnetism regulates the flow and blood pressure. Using the same research, we have developed an artificial magnet on the shoe floor to help regulate blood flow and blood pressure. The magnet created from the ground is applied to the foot by the Magnet lattice plate, which extended throughout the surface of the foot, and is automatically adjusted by pulse of foot. After a series of tests, it was confirmed that the magnetism at the soles of shoe would improve blood flow and blood pressure and heart rate. In fact, you can use this product to help blood flow to the heart and make the heart do its job easily. We guarantee that if you use the HAKIM Smart Shoes you will have no heart problems or hypertension and the blood flow in your body will be more accurate.

Energy production

The shoe insole is fitted with an energy supply system that nourishes all parts used inside the shoe. The shoe insole provides the positive energy needed through the pulse of the foot and body heat. On the other hand, because of its direct connection to the earth’s surface, it supplies the negative energy needed through the earth and transfers it into the shoe. In this mechanism, there is no need to use the battery and it provides the power it needs.